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Ofuji Fishing Tackles has partnered with more than 50 Japanese brands and has stocks in 43 stores across Japan, ensuring that we can provide you with a stable supply of popular products directly from Japanese manufacturers.

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Our vast inventory of products and extensive supplier network allows us to offer products that are hard to find outside of Japan.

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We can provide high-quality, inexpensive private label products developed by our experts for your specific needs. In addition, we can also handle OEM production.


We provide fishing tackle for wholesale and retail, serving 43 stores in Japan and over 300 clients globally as a pioneer in the industry.

Wide Variety of Products

With over 50 brands and 80,000 SKUs from top Japanese manufacturers, we offer a diverse selection of quality products to meet your needs.

Stable Supply Capacity

We ensure a reliable and consistent supply of popular Japanese products through our inventory of over 800,000 items.

Trusted Recommendations

Our experts leverage their years of experience and knowledge to deliver customized fishing tackle solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

Smooth and Courteous Shipping

We have our own logistics centre, which handles everything from packing to shipping, carefully and promptly, to ensure smooth and friendly service.

High-Quality, Affordable Product Development

Our company offers high-quality and affordable private label products, developed to meet the highest standards of excellence. We also provide OEM production services for customized branding.

Select from over 80,000 products
from over 50 Japanese brands

Feel free to inquire about sourcing specific brands or products not listed above

Our Experts

Our team has extensive and ever-growing experience in our field.


Kenichi Ofuji



Tetsuji Kiyomasa

Assistant Manager of Product Development


Joji Ishii

Retail Sales Department Chief

We have our own logistics centre that ensures careful, flexible, and efficient delivery.


"We grant customer requests and ship responsibly. Our clients have complimented us on our smooth response and careful packaging"

- Tsuyoshi Takami, Logistics Centre Manager


Media Coverage

Featured in the TV Osaka program “Gattsuri Kansai”


Featured in “LureNews.TV”


What Our Clients Said

Thank you for your stable supply of standard products.

Fishing tackle importer and buyer, Italy

The quality of the private brands is good, and the lineup is extensive. Thanks to them, we don’t lose many customers.

Fishing tackle retailer and store manager, Japan

The company is quick to respond to export requests, which makes business transactions smooth

Fishing tackle wholesaler and manager, Korea

Japanese products are popular overseas because of their good design, so it is great that there is a wide selection of major Japanese manufacturers

Fishing tackle retailer and buyer, Kuwait

The packaging is very good, and the shipping is fast. They respond quickly to inquiries, so I can continue to do business with them with peace of mind

President, Fishing tackle wholesaler, New Zealand

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Steps to Start Business with Us

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The minimum time from inquiry to shipment is one month.

About Us

Company Name

Ofuji Fishing Tackles Co., Ltd.

Head Office

Osaka, Japan



Leadership in Industry Group

Permanent Director of Japan Sportfishing Foundation

Japan Sportfishing Foundation Logo

An organization that provides support to anglers, develops and preserves the environment of fishing grounds, and conducts other activities to promote fishing. Our company has held key positions in the organization, and our current president serves as a permanent director.

Co-founder of Osaka Fishing Tackle Cooperative Association

Osaka Fishing Tackle Cooperative Association Logo

The organizer of Fishing Show Osaka, an international event attended by more than 50,000 people every year. Our seventh head of the company was one of the founders of this association and served as its first chairman.

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